The VEEM Gyro 120SD is the most advanced and powerful stabilizer available for smaller super yachts and small commercial work boats.

As a single unit installation, it is suitable for vessels with displacement between 50 – 130 tonnes. Due to it’s rugged construction and clever software, the VG 120SD is able to operate efficiently in small waves, but continue operating as wave environments grow to rough (when you need it most). Installation is simple, saving huge amounts of vessel integration cost. Multiple units can be installed for larger vessels.

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VG120SD Technical Details

Rated Stabilizing Torque 120 [kN.m]  Mass 2700kg
Angular Momentum 52 [k.N.m.s]  Power 12kW
Length 1.63 (64″) Rated RPM 4800
Width 1.56m (61.4″) Cooling Water 35 [lpm]
Height 1.15m (45.3″) Noise Running 57 dBA

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Energy Saving

Energy saving mode for quiet night time operation. Automatic power reduction in small waves. Lower fuel burn, higher speeds, and increased range as compared with zero speed fins.

Fast Spin-up and Spin-Down

60 minute spin-up.
20 minute spin-down.

Whisper Quiet

Generating an extremely low 66 dBa (VG120 under low loading conditions), the VEEM Gyros have reset the sound level benchmark for gyro stabilisers. Mounting outside of the engine room is a realistic option.

Web Based Remote Support

All VEEM Gyros are able to be web connected to allow remote phone support, data download and diagnostics. This can be managed at VEEM’s Support Base and/or by the owners team.

Diamond Hard Ruggedness

Continued safe operation as waves become large. Due to rugged construction, high pressure hydraulics, smart self-regulating software to protect against damage without shutting down.

More Speed… Less Fuel

Choosing a VEEM Gyro instead of Zero Speed fins almost always comes with the gift of increased max speed, and reduced fuel burn. The weight of the gyro balanced against the drag of the fins is a net gain for the yacht.