MY Tango

VEEM Gyro:

1 x VG120

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MY Tango is an aluminium displacement luxury motor built by Oceanfast Yachts in 2006. Tango has recently undergone an extensive refit and 5 metre hull lengthening to 42.5m to include a helipad, entertaining deck, dance floor and beach club. This refit, and the VEEM Gyro installation are being managed by Matt Curtin-Andrews, who has been with the yacht since the original build. The yacht is based in Sydney Harbour, Australia and the owner has selected a small VEEM Gyro installation to reduce annoying rolling caused by passing ferry wakes.

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“The gyro went into service smoothly and has been performing reliably since. Sloshing in the pool is significantly reduced which has impressed our regular guests. The gyro has significantly improved the comfort onboard MY Tango at anchorages where ferry wakes frequently annoyed our guests. Guest transfer to and from tender at the beach club is now faster, safer, and more comfortable due to the more stable swim platform. The blue LED lighting looks great.” Russell King, Captain – MY Tango
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Design: Motor Yacht
Length: 42.5m
Hull Type: Aluminium Displacement
Builder: Oceanfast Yachts (2006)
Gyro Install Manager Matt Curtin-Andrews
MCA Marine
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VEEM Gyro Specification

VEEM Gyro(s): 1 x VG120
Performance: Profile 1
Effectiveness: 75%
Install Type: Retrofit
Install Date: October 2016
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