Offshore working vessels carry out critical operations at sea both underway and at zero speed. A VEEM Gyro installation can significantly increase the operational availability of these vessels, maximise working revenue, improve scheduling certainty, and increase crew endurance, performance and comfort. Client teams will experience significantly increased comfort.

Some of the specific benefits of VEEM Gyro installation for PSV’s, OSV, AHTS and the range of offshore working vessels include:

  • Safer docking alongside fixed and floating facilities due to significantly recue rolling
  • Safer, faster deck operations
  • Increased crane operational envelope (especially for side mounted cranes)
  • ROV tracking without having to maintain head to sea
  • Reduced thruster and propeller aeration due to rolling, leading to lower maintenance, increased performance and a better nights sleep
  • More options for heading when handling lines due to less rolling
  • Reduced strain on sea fastenings
  • Increased crew comfort
  • Decreased crew fatigue leading to better performance
  • Happier, more comfortable client teams
  • Augmented heave compensation systems performance (VEEM Gyro works with heave comp systems without any need for integration or tuning)
  • Flexible locati0n of VEEM Gyro as they produce pure torque
  • Can be located off CL, at any vertical height. Just needs structural mounts to transmit loads into hull.