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Increase operating days, Enhance deck safety & speed, Minimise sea sickness

Wave motion is one of the few external forces which has the capacity to negatively impact the operating envelope and profits for offshore boats, regardless of the size of vessel. What’s more, even the most sheltered harbours can suffer unpleasant wave induced motion, that can reduce crew performance, deck safety and increase the time it takes to perform essential tasks. A VEEM Gyro installation can significantly increase the operational availability of these vessels, maximize working revenue, improve

scheduling certainty, and increase crew endurance, performance and comfort After years of research and development we are delighted to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to join the stabilization revolution that is the VEEM Gyro. Reflecting our unwavering passion for beautiful design and representing a combination of both engineering and manufacturing excellence, the new range offers a genuine revolution in performance compared to existing stabilization systems.

Enhance deck safety & security

A VEEM Gyro will significantly improve deck safety and speed by removing the vessel’s rolling motion while underway or at anchor. Less motion will reduce crew sea sickness, reduce fatigue and improve efficiency. Further benefits of a more stable vessel are: increasing crane operating envelopes, maximizing weapons accuracy and achieving safer tender launching and docking alongside fixed and floating facilities.

Increase operating days

When profits, project completion dates and construction quality are at the mercy of weather patterns and wave motion, a VEEM Gyro will work to significantly reduce and eliminate downtime due to uncontrollable vessel rolling. This results in increased operating days throughout the year. For Ferries and other passenger vessels – this means more trips and more passengers. For offshore vessels this means continued operation and more effective crew operation.

Minimize sea sickness

By eliminating wave induced rolling motion that causes sea sickness, the VEEM gyro ensures crew members, troops and passengers are comfortable, experience less fatigue, are safer on board and perform more efficiently and effectively both on board and after lea ving the vessel.

Offshore working vessels carry out critical operations at sea both underway and at rest. A VEEM Gyro installation can significantly increase the operational availability of these vessels, maximize working revenue, improve scheduling certainty and increase crew endurance, performance and comfort. Client teams will experience significantly increased comfort.

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get a quoteWhat VEEM gyro is right for you?
  • Safer docking alongside fixed and floating facilities due to significantly reduced rolling
  • Safer, faster deck operations
  • Increase crane operational envelope (especially for side mounted cranes)
  • ROV tracking without having to maintain head to sea
  • Reduce thruster and propeller aeration due to rolling
  • More options for heading when handling lines due to less rolling
  • Reduce strain on sea fastenings
  • Increase crew comfort and eliminate sea sickness
  • Decrease crew fatigue leading to better performance
  • Happier, more comfortable client teams
  • Augmented heave compensation systems performance (VEEM Gyro works with heave comp systems without any need for integration or tuning)
  • Can be located off-center line (CL), at any vertical height. Just needs structural mounts to transmit loads into hull.


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