Patrol boats and mine hunters spend a large proportion of their operational time at low speeds where traditional fin stabilisers do not work effectively. A VEEM Gyro can significantly improve a vessel’s operability and the crew’s endurance, performance and comfort. Not only do VEEM Gyros provide excellent roll stabilisation whilst underway, they work even better at low speed and at zero speed while drifting or at anchor.

Some specific advantages of a VEEM Gyro system for a Patrol Boat include:

  • Increased operational availability and safety of tender launching
  • Reduced tender launching and retrieval time
  • Maximised availability of the fleet
  • Improved crew endurance and performance
  • Maximised weapons accuracy
  • Improve safety and efficiency of all operations at sea
  • Removed need for external roll fins
  • Eliminated risk of fin grounding, net damage or weed snagging
  • Reduced subsea acoustic signature
  • Increased access to shallow littoral patrol areas
  • No dry-dock requirement for maintenance