A superyacht is a substantial investment in high quality leisure time and entertainment. Annoying rolling motion is simply not an acceptable situation on those days of the year that an owner enjoys their Yacht. VEEM Gyros virtually eliminate rolling motion due to waves or the wakes of passing yachts, whether you are in cruising quietly up the coast, transiting an ocean, at anchor, drifting or in the pen.

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Patrol boats and mine hunters spend a large proportion of their operational time at low speeds where traditional fin stabilisers do not work effectively. A VEEM Gyro can significantly improve a vessel’s operability and the crew’s endurance, performance and comfort. Not only do VEEM Gyros provide excellent roll stabilisation whilst underway, they work even better at low speed and at zero speed while drifting or at anchor.

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Offshore working vessels carry out critical operations at sea both underway and at zero speed. A VEEM Gyro installation can significantly increase the operational availability of these vessels, maximise working revenue, improve scheduling certainty, and increase crew endurance, performance and comfort. Client teams will experience significantly increased comfort.

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