About VEEM Ltd

Founded in 1968, VEEM is a sophisticated marine products manufacturer, operating from its dedicated head office and production facility in Western Australia.

They say every great company has a story – one that captures the essence of the business and its culture. VEEM Ltd is no exception. From modest beginnings as a small machine shop specialising in the repair and dynamic balancing of drive shafts and other rotating equipment, the company has grown to become a leading global manufacturer of sophisticated equipment for the aerospace, marine and oil and gas industries.

VEEM supplies critical components to the Royal Australian Navy, and manufactures technically intensive large stabilization hydrofoils for superyachts, commercial vessels and fast ferries. The company revolutionised fixed pitch propeller technology for boats and yachts with their ‘Interceptor’ propellers — which allow the propeller’s pitch to be altered at any time by a diver, in a matter of minutes, without slipping the vessel.

The VEEM Gyro is a significant marine equipment offering that will change the way the superyacht industry thinks about roll stabilization.

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The Halcyon bird…

The myth of the Halcyon birds is a story of beauty, passionate and enduring love, the wrath of Gods, and ultimately calming the seas.

It is said that Alcyone, who was the exceptionally beautiful daughter of the God Aelous, and her equally handsome husband Ceyx, the King of Thessaly, were in the habit of playfully calling each other by the pet names of Hera and Zeus in reference to their shared exceptional beauty. This angered Zeus. Returning by sea from an audience with Apollo about the dangers of angering the Gods, Ceyx encountered a violent storm sent by Zeus and was shipwrecked and drowned as he approached his home shores.

Deeply mourning the absence of her beloved husband, Alcyone was warned in her dreams of his return and waited by the shore. Upon seeing his drowned body afloat in the waves, she threw herself into the ocean in an attempt to save Ceyx. Her attempts looked likely to result in her drowning as well. Aeolus held council with Zeus and compassion prevailed. It was decided that the two tragic lovers would be rescued by turning them into Kingfisher birds which became the Halcyon birds.

Thereafter the Halcyon birds enjoyed the protection of Aeolus who calmed the wind and the seas where the Halcyon birds nested in the middle of winter. VEEM Gyro brings calm to your part of the ocean, just like its mythical namesake.