A Higher Quality of Comfort

The VEEM Gyro is the most advanced and powerful gyrostabilizer available for superyachts and small commercial workboats. Available Now.

The VG120

The VEEM Gyro 120 is the most advanced and powerful gyrostabiliser available for superyachts and small commercial workboats. Available Now.

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Less Motion, More Ocean

Finally, powerful gyro stabilizers that deliver a quality of comfort you have never experienced. Developed specifically for superyachts, the VEEM Gyrostabilizers deliver 20% more efficient stabilizing torque delivery than its closest competitors. With single unit installation options on larger yachts due to larger stabilizing torque, the VEEM Gyro range allows you to experience the highest quality of comfort available with no dry docking … ever!

More amazing VEEM Gyro 120 Sea trials underway in Fremantle Harbour

VEEM Gyro 120 sea trials were captured recently off the coast of Fremantle in Western Australia on a Viking Open Convertible Sport Fisher.
The VG120 achieved an 84.8% roll reduction at 0 knots, where the wave height was 0.7m (2’3″) with light winds. This trial was a fantastic representation of the difference the VG120 can make in seemingly good weather conditions.
Prevailing 25 to 30 knot winds and solid 2.25m (7’4″) wave height conditions were also no trouble for the VEEM Gyro. The VG120 achieved a 49% roll reduction at 0 knots, a 51% roll reduction at trolling speed, and a 45% roll reduction at 20 knots. The trial clearly demonstrated that the VEEM Gyro performs equally well at high speed as it does at rest.

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How Gyrostabilizers Work

Experience a comprehensive introduction to the features and operational principles of marine gyrostabilizers. Get answers to some of the many questions that owners, Captains, crew, and shipyard personnel have about this relatively new and exciting roll stabilization solution.

With the release of the VEEM Gyro range, powerful gyrostabilizers providing real solutions for superyacht and megayacht applications, are available for the first time.

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